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4 Keys to Turnaround: a Guide for Principals

Empowering Students with Direct Instruction

Driving with Data

Data is key to developing an instructional approach that effectively supports individual learners. Assessment data can help educators measure gaps at a classroom level, or help leaders measure gaps and progress at a school or district level. Those student data insights allow you to iterate instruction and measure progress against goals.

Selecting the Right Program

Here, it’s important to consider how effectively your chosen instructional program is moving student achievement: can you prove progress with tangible data? For turnaround schools, it’s necessary to select an approach that makes the most of every moment, and provides various stakeholders of your learning community with evidence to show an actively improving student population.

Scheduling for Success

Empowering every student to succeed requires educators to carefully allocate resources, schedule strategically, and ensure that each learner is presented with content appropriate to their skill level. For some turnaround schools, implementing Direct Instruction alongside a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) model might be the key to success in this component.

Staffing and Professional Development

Turnaround principals must have the support of a strong, prepared, and knowledgeable staff to provide students with the instruction they need to succeed. In turn, staff must have the full support of a principal to learn, grow, and thrive. In a turnaround school, effective professional development is absolutely critical to both student achievement and the overall health of the learning community. In the full guide, you’ll find five principles of effective professional development to help shape your planning.

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