4 Reasons to #ThankATeacher Today

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week 2018!

As Teacher Appreciation Week 2018 comes to an end, we wanted to reflect on the many reasons to be thankful for educators. The reasons are endless, and this list could go on for a very long time — so we picked a few that are intended to make you reflect on the educators in your life in a refreshed way. Here are four reasons (of many!) to thank a teacher today:

Teachers are constantly venturing into unfamiliar territory.

As an educator, every day is an adventure, and every new school year is full of uncharted territory. The very nature of teaching makes it a career that requires flexibility. But with the introduction of technology to the classroom, teachers are constantly reframing their approach to pedagogy and instruction. As professionals, teachers deserve thanks for working tirelessly to leverage the changing world of education to best serve every student, and for their willingness to take risks to empower each every learner that walks through their doors.

They take on many important roles in a child’s life simultaneously.

Teachers provide so many supports for students — academic enrichment is only one of the many factors that go into a teacher’s influence on a child. Teachers help their students grow socially and emotionally, and not just as a result of the sheer time they spend with students, but as a result of the deliberate supports and strategies they put in place to ensure that students have strong social and emotional learning experiences. Teachers deserve our thanks for making a world of difference in every child’s life in just the way that individual child needs empowerment.

Their contributions to society are infinite and complex.

We often think of a teacher’s impact in terms of individual students. But teachers also have a profound impact on society as a whole. They enable an entire generation of thinkers, workers, and citizens to make smart, empathetic decisions that will then impact a new generation. It’s almost impossible to truly get a sense of the breadth and depth of the impact teachers have on the world we live in. But we do know that teachers deserve so many thanks for the sacrifices they make to ensure that impact is positive and lasting.

Teachers are lifelong learners.

In addition to imparting knowledge on students, all educators are lifelong learners themselves. They possess the insight, patience, and intuition to learn from their peers, their own experiences, and their students. They model the importance of a continued growth mindset for their students, and iterate their approach based on what they learn as they go. Educators deserve our thanks for acting as role models in the learning journey, not just for students, but for all of us.

What are your reasons to #ThankATeacher this year?

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