5 Short Videos to Use in the Classroom Today

Audio and video resources are valuable tools for boosting student engagement in any classroom. When paired with a robust lesson, they can be helpful in making complex concepts more tangible, for providing additional context, or for reviewing foundational content.

To help you sort through the plethora of educational video resources available, we’ve gathered a few of our favorites here — some of which can be added to lessons in ELA, science, or other disciplines, and some of which focus on teaching strategies, ready to be be added to your own professional learning resource stack.

Here are some of our favorite video resources, for students across ages and disciplines:

Pop-Up Science: Sugar and Water

In this quick, concise science demo, students learn how sugar dissolves in water. In a split-screen format, students watch a recorded demonstration alongside an animation depicting molecules. Animated fun facts also appear throughout the video, providing additional information and context. To view all the videos in this series, check out this playlist.

Beginning Reading: Finding the Main Idea & Supporting Details

In this cartoon series, foundational reading skills — like understanding setting, using a thesaurus, and examining figurative language. Here, students learn about identifying the main idea and supporting details of a text through a fun, comic-book style detective story. Explore the full playlist to find videos that can help address reading skill gaps in your classroom.

Inspiring STEM Careers

In this series, students will meet kids just like them who are passionate about specific careers in STEM. These characters provide early learners with examples of the kinds of jobs they can have after mastering STEM skills, and help them connect their personal interests — like cars, animals, the weather, or the outdoors — to the content they’re learning in the classroom. In this particular video, students will meet Hugo, who is excited to put combine his STEM skills with his passion for storms as a meteorologist:

History of Four American Presidents

Perfect for young social studies scholars, this video provides an overview of the lives and contributions of a few key American historical figures. Featuring an animated Mount Rushmore, students will hear from another student much like themselves about four important presidents. The Background Builder series contains a variety of short videos in science and social studies.

Understanding the Cognitive Load Theory

While the videos above are intended for student learning, this video will be beneficial for teachers looking to refine their practice, and learn more about how learning happens. Part of a new series that breaks down important concepts from learning science research, this animation explains the cognitive load theory, and how having a better understanding of students’ memory function can empower teachers to be more purposeful and efficient in instruction.

For more video resources for both teachers and students, check out our YouTube channel.