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5 Ways to Get Excited (and Stay Excited) About The 2017–2018 School Year

By this time of the year, most students are back in the classroom — adjusting to a new learning community, new content, and new expectations. Teachers are adjusting, too — to a whole new set of eager minds to be cared for and inspired.

The back-to-school season is exciting (and often nerve-racking, for students and teachers). Adrenaline will power you through the first few days, but how can you keep that momentum going? To help you feel motivated, confident, and excited about the back-to-school season (and the full year ahead!) we’ve gathered a few events, resources, and communities that will keep your energy up and mindset strong.

Enter an Instagram Contest to Win $500

To celebrate back-to-school, we’re holding an Instagram contest where you can win $500. Simply post a picture of your favorite back-to-school supplies, tools, and resources with #MyBackToSchoolKit on Instagram, tag @mheducation in the post, and you’ll have a chance to win! Have fun and get creative with your post, like the example below. You can find the full contest details and rules here.

Learn About Global Math Week

For many children, math class can be one of the scariest parts of going back to school. So many students fear math or lack confidence in their mathematical abilities, and, as a result, miss out on the joy of mathematics. This 2017–2018 school year, we want to help you change that. We’re partnering with The Global Math Project, which aims to “transform and declutter mathematics content to reveal its coherence, meaning, and joy.” You can bring the joy of mathematics to your students this year by signing up and participating in Global Math Week. To learn more, register for our upcoming webinar, on September 19th, 3 p.m. EST:

Support New Teachers

The back-to-school season might be even more exciting (and scary) for first year teachers than for students. Thankfully, there are tons of support networks out there, and plenty of ways for you to get involved — whether you’re a new teacher seeking advice, or a veteran teacher looking to serve as a mentor. Start with the brand new #ntchat, now hosted in a video, slow-chat format on Flipgrid. Lisa Dabbs, the original creator of #ntchat, has re-launched the chat in video format just this year. Then, check out our Art of Teaching Project. Starting in August and through the next few weeks, we’ll be focusing the peer-to-peer guest blogging project on new teachers. Follow us on Medium, Twitter, and Facebook for blogs from new teachers and veteran teachers with advice, video diaries, and tips for a successful first year. Here are a few of the Art of Teaching new teacher blogs we’ve published so far:

Get FREE Wonders Apps Until September 15th

Until September 15th, Wonders apps will be free for iOS, and discounted for Android. The apps help K-6 students build word sorting skills, grammar skills, and even come in Spanish. Start the year off right with engaging, fun literacy practice through digital learning. Get your free apps here, or by clicking on the image above.

Join a Digital Learning Community

Nothing keeps you motivated throughout the entirety of a school year like a group of passionate educators. Future Ready Schools is a great organization to not only help you achieve your school’s digital implementation goals, but also to meet inspiring teachers. If you can’t make it to one of Future Ready’s events, you can still encourage your superintendent to take the pledge, then join one of their Facebook groups. Each group is based on a specific profession, including: Librarians, Principals, Instructional Coaches, and District Leaders. To find out more about Future Ready Schools and why we partner with them, visit:

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