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6 Key Factors of Personalized Learning

Preparing Today’s Learners for Tomorrow’s Challenges with Purposeful Technology

Building a Bridge to Success

Personalized Learning: Six Factors

  1. Teacher-Directed vs. Learner-Centered: Who makes decisions and drives learning? Teacher-Directed decisions often focus on ensuring delivery of instruction to develop content knowledge. Learner-Centered decisions help students develop life-long learning skills.
  2. One-Size-Fits-All vs. Variety of Learning Interactions: To which learning resources will the learners have access? Math educators and learners planning classroom strategies often find that incorporating a wide variety of practices into the instructional learning design can more effectively assist students in meeting academic goals.
  3. Technology to Enhance vs. Technology to Transform: Where does technology use fall along the SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition) continuum for integrating technology into teaching? (adapted from Puentedura, 2010)
  4. Data Evaluates Learning vs. Data Impacts Learning: Is assessment used primarily for evaluation? Does the data help direct what a learner encounters next? Data gathered from assessments can help inform changes to support learning, decisions about revising curricula, and choices regarding learning opportunities.
  5. Pacing-Chart-Driven vs. Competency-Driven: Do all learners move through the curriculum at the same time, regardless of proficiency? Pacing charts help ensure that teachers throughout the school or district are covering material on high-stakes assessment in preparation for the tests. Competency-based instruction first assesses where a student needs to begin to acquire proficiency with a topic, and then supports the learner until he or she is proficient with the material. Learners move forward at their own pace.
  6. Independence vs. Collaboration: Are learners working independently, or do they interact and communicate to learn? Both traditional and personalized classrooms can provide opportunities for independent and inter-dependent work.



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