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Inspired Ideas

A Simple Way for Educators to Get the Feedback They Need

By Educators Katie Novak and Lainie Rowell

  • We know relationships are critical so we need to build and maintain community
  • We have to design learning experiences that are empowering, focused on the critical content, and meet the needs of ALL learners

It would be cool if….

Consider the following feedback scenarios, with and without the scaffold. You ask your class for feedback and get the following:

4 Ways to Use “It would be cool if…”

  1. If you’re an administrator, provide an exit ticket at the end of a meeting (it can be virtual!). Simply share the following. “I’d love to make these meetings more meaningful. Please fill out the following sentence stem to provide some ideas for upcoming meetings.”
  2. If you’re a teacher, use the sentence stem as an exit ticket or at the end of an assessment. Let students know you’re looking to increase engagement and need some ideas. They can start with, you guessed it, “It would be cool if…”
  3. Want some feedback from parents and caretakers about how the school year is going? Send out a survey sharing your wish for collaboration and inspiration and provide an open-ended prompt of, “It would be cool if…”
  4. If you have some ideas for making your learning community more engaging, start a conversation or send an email with the sentence stem to your colleagues, administrators, or students.



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