Administrative Motivation for Digital Classrooms

By Principal and Guest Blogger Stefan Joly

Digital Learning Days, 1:1 expansion, brick and mortar schools without the virtual boundaries of technology, and teachers embracing the daily evolution of virtual education. These are only a few of the ingredients needed for a preeminent school, leading the advancement of automated technology in the classroom. Schools will experience struggles, those struggles allow our schools to grow and capitalize on learning what needs to be addressed before they can truly see progress.

We already know our student’s lives are becoming more and more digital through smart technology. The “Smart Home” is a reality through connected smart devices. The automated and integrated wave of smart technology is allowing our students, current and future, to retrieve data faster than it can be developed. It is our duty as progressive educators, to embrace smart technology in education, and step outside the boundaries of the virtual world, creating the “Smart School.”

Our traditional schools, with solid foundations in building socially and educationally responsible students, are evolving into daily dream workshops. A traditional approach to education, with smart technology, is advancing in whole group, small group, and individual instruction, with smart automated devices. Schools have teams of teachers and support staff to help those that are unsure of the path with this progressive approach. The excitement of these teachers, who are willing to help, is overwhelming.

For schools wanting to test the virtual and digital classroom, host a digital day. A wonderful place to research and find support, is through the McGraw-Hill Education Inspired Ideas Blog:

It is imperative that we, as schools, have staff that is positive, collaborative, and flexible, in the development of digital curriculums, and creating the Smart School. Further, invite parents on campus to see the growth of the programs, we must work together and support each other.

The development of something bigger is coming to your campus. Enjoy the ride.

Mr. Stefan Joly, M.Ed. is celebrating his 15th year with Oakridge Private School, having spent his first seven years as a teacher of math and science. Mr. Joly holds two California teaching credentials and an administrative credential. He earned a master’s degree in cross cultural education from National University in 2004 and is a Ph.D. candidate at Walden University, specializing in K-12 educational leadership. He believes education is a priceless gift that inspires dreams. Away from school, Mr. Joly is very active. He enjoys water sports, running, and spending time with his family. He can often be found on pool decks around Orange County, as a USA Water Polo Referee. Mr. Joly is married to his high-school sweetheart, Mary. They have two beautiful little girls, Tess and Yve, both of whom attend Oakridge.

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