Behind the Cube #12: Superheroes and Solar Illustrations

Meet the Teachers, Learners, and Innovators of McGraw-Hill Education

Today’s Highlight: Michael Hill, School Group Designer

We often say we’re #RedCubeProud. That’s because we’re an ever-adapting, forward-thinking group of learners, teachers, and creators with roots in a square logo that is evolving into a “cube”, in reflection of our dimensional, learning science-based approach to EdTech.

Perhaps what makes our team so passionate about our work is that we genuinely care about teachers, students, and fostering productive learning communities. Many of us have been teachers ourselves, and ALL of us are life-long learners.

To give you some insight into our team, we’re taking you Behind the Cube, one #RedCubeProud team member at a time. Today’s highlight:

Michael Hill, School Group Designer

What do you love most about your role at McGraw-Hill Education? How did you come to be in this role?

What I love most about my role as a designer here at McGraw-Hill Education is being able to do something I’m passionate about with such an amazing team. In September 2015 I had been placed here by a talent agency for a three week contract. In those three weeks I worked closely with Greg Pake in updating the ISBNs and pricing for the quarterly catalogs. Once completing my contract I was asked to come back three weeks later and I was officially brought on December 28, 2015.

Why are you passionate about the work you do?

I’m passionate about the work that I do knowing that in some way the team is always trying to push the creativity for the education market we serve. Each project presents a new opportunity to try something different and stand out among the competitors. This challenge is easily met when considering the end user of our product and the importance of education.

If you could pick ONE favorite memory of your time at McGraw-Hill Education so far, what would it be?

My favorite memory from working at McGraw-Hill Education thus far has got to be working on the ALEKS District Administration ad. In a lot of ways this project was a big stepping stone for me. I learned a lot about collaboration, process, and execution. For me, this set the tone and raised the bar of the kind of work that could be done with partnership and the awesome team we have:

What do you hope to achieve at McGraw-Hill Education, to work towards empowering students?

I hope that I’m able to continue to help design effective marketing material that accurately represents the great products and partnerships that McGraw-Hill Education has to offer. I believe in the importance of the company’s vision in unlocking the potential of each learner.

See Michael’s work in our Eclipse animation — Michael created the illustrations for this piece, and one of his colleagues animated the artwork:

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