Behind the Cube #14: Coaching Basketball & Empowering Educators

Meet the Teachers, Learners, and Innovators of McGraw-Hill Education

Today’s Highlight: Jason Shilt, VP, Regional Sales

We often say we’re #RedCubeProud. That’s because we’re an ever-adapting, forward-thinking group of learners, teachers, and creators with roots in a square logo that is evolving into a “cube”, in reflection of our dimensional, learning science-based approach to EdTech.

Perhaps what makes our team so passionate about our work is that we genuinely care about teachers, students, and fostering productive learning communities. Many of us have been teachers ourselves, and ALL of us are life-long learners.

To give you some insight into our team, we’re taking you Behind the Cube, one #RedCubeProud team member at a time. Today’s highlight:

Jason Shilt, VP, Regional Sales

What do you love most about your role at McGraw-Hill Education?

My role provides me an opportunity to do the two things I am passionate about in my work life: challenging and supporting others to reach their full potential and to have a positive impact on students by supporting educators with quality materials and professional growth opportunities. I taught for thirteen years in various environments, mainly in the high school science classroom, all while coaching various sports — with a passion for basketball. I had the great opportunity to be mentored by two MO State Hall of Fame coaches before I was able to lead my own program. I’ve held various roles in the educational sales industry that included national curriculum specialist, sales representative, district manager, and now in my current role as VP Sales for the Central-Atlantic Region. Once again, at McGraw-Hill Education, I have received great coaching and mentorship all along way with Rick Lenkey being my most recent mentor as a pretty good model to emulate.

Why are you passionate about the work you do?

I grew up in education as my mom has been an educator in various roles from being a teacher in the classroom, leader of her own building, and also various district-level positions. I learned early on about the importance of education and how it can have an impact on people’s lives. I have had the opportunity to be mentored, taught, and coached by many great people that have had a tremendous impact in both my personal and professional life and I appreciate the opportunities to pass along these valuable experiences — first to my students, as a teacher, and now to my colleagues.

If you could pick one favorite memory of your time at McGraw-Hill Education so far, what would it be?

As you can imagine, choosing ONE as a favorite is a tough ask as there are many rich experiences and memories in my time here. I think one moment that sticks out is the night I was able to present Diane Bellin with both the Regional Sales Rep of the Year award and the promotion to Sr. Sales Rep. Diane is a great example of being growth mindset and open to coaching to reach her full potential and helping her achieve these work accolades was very special.

What do you hope to achieve at McGraw-Hill Education, to work towards empowering students?

I believe in the work we do and our desire to help each student reach their potential. We have embraced our identity as a learning science company and we continue to evolve and grow both individually with growth mindset and as an entire learning organization. As we continue to engage and provide these experiences for our customers it will empower students to learn in environments where they can reach their full potential.

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