Behind the Cube #7: Teaching & Consulting

Meet the Teachers, Learners, and Innovators of McGraw-Hill Education

Today’s Highlight: Zoe Gnesda, Marketing Manager

We often say we’re #RedCubeProud. That’s because we’re an ever-adapting, forward-thinking group of learners, teachers, and creators with roots in a square logo that is evolving into a “cube”, in reflection of our dimensional, learning science-based approached to EdTech.

Perhaps what makes our team so passionate about our work is that we genuinely care about teachers, students, and fostering productive learning communities. Many of us have been teachers ourselves, and ALL of us are life-long learners.

To give you some insight into our team, we’re taking you Behind the Cube, one #RedCubeProud team member at a time. Today’s highlight:

Zoe Gnesda, Marketing Manager

Can you briefly explain your career path, and how you came to work at McGraw-Hill Education?

I taught for ten years and then became an instructional coach and trainer for Sacramento City Unified School District. During my time with the district, I became very interested in curriculum and participated in every instructional materials review and pilot committee that I could. I saw the power that high-quality instructional materials had on my students. And, I noticed that a strong curriculum made me a better, more effective teacher. I began working for McGraw-Hill during any off-time I had, training teachers and consulting on new materials. When the time was right, I came to McGraw-Hill Education full time and have loved every minute of it!

Why are you passionate about the work that you do?

I will always consider myself to be a teacher first. My time in the classroom, working with young people and teaching alongside gifted, passionate, powerful teachers will always be a significant part of my career and my life. I am proud to work with our teams to develop programs that support teachers in the amazing work that they do. And, I’m passionate about bringing innovative, meaningful programs to every student.

What does working in the education industry mean to you?

I’m the mother of two girls: ages 11 and 9. When their district adopted Wonders, I actually started sobbing with joy. Every parent should know that his or her children have access to the very best instructional materials. The right materials in the right hands can change lives, and that is what gets me up every morning!

What do you hope to accomplish or change while at McGraw-Hill Education, in order to empower learners?

I’d love to continue bringing the voice of the classroom into every conversation that I have at McGraw-Hill Education. I think that my classroom experience and my involvement in the educational community challenges me, with a unique responsibility to speak for what teachers need to instruct effectively and what students need to learn in a truly meaningful way.

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