Behind the Cube #2: Graphic Design & Education

Meet the Learners, Teachers, and Innovators of McGraw-Hill Education

Today’s Highlight: Adam Gray, Designer for the School Group

We often say we’re #RedCubeProud. That’s because we’re an ever-adapting, forward-thinking group of learners, teachers, and creators with roots in a square logo that is evolving into a “cube”, in reflection of our dimensional, learning science-based approached to EdTech.

Perhaps what makes our team so passionate about our work is that we genuinely care about teachers, students, and fostering productive learning communities. Many of us have been teachers ourselves, and ALL of us are life-long learners.

To give you some insight into our team, we’re taking you Behind the Cube, one #RedCubeProud team member at a time. Today’s highlight:

Adam Gray, Designer

What influenced you to become a designer?

My mom. She told me she thought I’d be a good graphic designer and if I didn’t like SCAD I could always transfer later. Really, I think she wanted to make sure I didn’t become a street side tattoo artist in some ocean town, which was a big fear for her.

How did you come to work at McGraw-Hill Education?

After moving home from Dallas, I had a moment where I was considering going back to school to work in education but felt I needed to give design another shot, so this was a perfect marrying of those two thoughts. I’m still surprised I was hired on because I was 10 minutes late to my interview and blabbed the entire time, but here I am.

Why are you passionate about the work that you do?

I’m passionate about my work because I’m surrounded by wildly talented coworkers who always put their best efforts into their work, so I’m always just trying to match their intensity.

What are your thoughts on working in the education industry?

As a designer, it’s extremely gratifying and humbling knowing all the work I do can have a direct impact on the education and futures of children all over. As a product of the U.S. education system, it’s exciting for me to be a part of an organization that’s changing the way students learn and giving them the opportunity to discover their strengths and talents.

For a look at Adam’s design work, check out the following site:

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