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Behind the Cube Special Edition: Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

From the Life-Long Learners at McGraw-Hill Education

If you follow our blog, then you might have read a few of the posts in our Behind the Cube series, where we highlight the McGraw-Hill Education team members that make our work meaningful. Normally, each blog post in the Behind the Cube series is dedicated to one employee, and gives them a chance to relay their #RedCubeProud story to a larger audience. But today, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we wanted to do something special.

So many of us at McGraw-Hill Education have worked in the education space in a variety of ways, and it’s not hard to find a former teacher or administrator in our building. All of us have been deeply influenced by an educator at some point in our lives, and we carry that passion for learning in the work that we do. So, this edition of Behind the Cube is dedicated to the educators that have inspired us, and guide our mission and vision every day. We appreciate you, teachers, and we’ve invited a few members of the McGraw-Hill Education team to thank a special teacher today. Here’s what they had to say:

“I would like to thank my doctoral advisor Prof. J.S. Butler. J.S. was instrumental in making sure that I stay on my task, meet the deadlines, and complete the thesis for graduation. Today as a look back into my career, I continue to see following the directions J.S. instilled in my heart and mind. On this auspicious Teacher Appreciation Week, I take a moment to offer my heartfelt thanks to J.S. for everything he did for me.”

— Sugata Chakravarti, McGraw-Hill Education Pricing Director, School Group

Sugata Chakravarti

“Ms. Davidlyn Strong gave me the world as a gift and helped me travel to places I couldn’t pronounce long before I ever stepped foot onto an airplane. As a third grader who struggled with learning to read, Ms. Strong believed in me, stayed afterschool to make sure that I did learn to read on grade level and most importantly, Ms. Strong gave me a place to belong in her classroom by not giving up on me.

Once I learned to read on grade level, she encouraged me to go beyond what was expected and travel to faraway places within the pages of books. This opened my imagination and fueled my quest to travel to many of the places I read about sitting in the library at E.L. Fiquett Elementary School.

Today, I get to be someone’s Ms. Strong through my work as an educator. I find joy in working with students whom many have given up on as I travel the country and the world. Ms. Strong’s love, encouragement and support helped make me the person I am today. Every time I step onto a plane to take my first trip to a city or country, I know that it’s a gift from Ms. Strong. I am forever grateful.”

— DeLonda Morton, National Director of Professional Learning

DeLonda Morton

“Raising three daughters to be independent, thoughtful, successful members of society is nothing to sneeze at. It truly takes a village. There are “leaders” in that village and one who sticks out like a sunny day in Ohio in March is our favorite high school teacher Tiffany Smith. She goes well beyond her duties of teaching academics by personally demonstrating love, honor, respect, humility, and how to have a heart. All while laughing, learning, and winning basketball games.”

— Gretchen Wright, Sr. Manager, Business Intelligence

Gretchen Wright

“Lori Aumiller was my high school art teacher and is currently my pottery teacher. I’m trying not to be biased, but I am pretty sure that she is one of the most masterful educators in the world based on how she shaped my life and learning experience both in and out of the classroom. Her class wasn’t my favorite just because it was art, and that’s what I do; it was because that time in the school day was when I felt that my talents, goals, and thoughts were appreciated. She taught me more than skills and facts, she taught me how to embrace my strengths and how to work through my weaknesses. She showed me that it is not about what you are learning, but why you are learning it. Lori changed my perspective and is the reason that I am achieving my potential today.”

— Marrissa Ohm, Graphic Designer

Marissa Ohm

“I’d like to thank Sarah Brown for the guidance and support that she showed me over the course of 8 years as a band director. She not only taught me the importance of discipline, dedication, and the gift of expressing myself through music, but also personal and professional life lessons that I continue to use today.

‘Perfect practice leads to perfect execution.

‘If you make a mistake, do it with confidence and own it.’

‘You learn the best lessons from your mistakes.’

‘Don’t pack it up until you are dismissed.’”

— Heather Comfort, McGraw Hill Education PMO Director, K-12 Operations and Innovations

Heather Comfort

For more Behind the Cube, click here. Stay tuned for more Teacher Appreciation Week stories.



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