Educators, We Need Your Insight — Find Out How You Can Help!

We are currently looking for educators to join our Educator Voices Advisors Community. Think you may be interested? Here are a few more details about the community:

The McGraw-Hill Education Educator Voices Community is an engaged group of educators who seek to improve education by providing us with insight into their experiences. When you join this community of industry leaders you will be asked for insights on your:

  • Professional conversations (What are the topics of conversation and terms your community is using right now?)
  • Your online engagement in and out of the classroom (Where are you seeking your professional information? What social platforms are you spending time on?)
  • Insight on education trends and priorities (You are in education every day, we want to learn from you and understand your work better!)

Through the questions we ask, and your responses, you will have hand in changing the way we connect with educators and attempt to empower you to better serve your students. You will also shape our understanding of your unique roles, helping us to better understand and cater to educators in the future.

You can register for the Educator Voice’s community today! Just click here. We look forward to connecting, learning and growing with you.

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