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Encouraging Social and Emotional Learning at Home

Remote Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Students

Earlier this year we celebrated the first International SEL Day, established by The Urban Assembly and SEL4US to honor the importance of social and emotional learning (SEL).

SEL is a critical component of well-rounded educational programs. It is proven to enhance academic incomes, improve relationship and communication skills, build hirable, 21st-century skills, and better prime and prepare students for success in a global economy.

Despite its efficacy and necessity, SEL is still lacking in many schools and communities today.

International SEL aims to solve this, by building awareness, advocating, and promoting the power of SEL.

This year, International SEL Day may look a little different, with celebrations occurring at home, or at a distance. To show our support, we have put together a checklist that parents and teachers can implement with their children and students from home or remotely.

Let us know how you plan to celebrate #SELDay this year!

Other Home Resources to Foster SEL Development

Mental Wellbeing

Emotional and Social Awareness

Generosity and Kindness

Upcoming SEL Webinar:



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