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Four Ways to Promote Creativity in Your Remote Instruction

Celebrating National Arts in Education Week

1) Technology Is Your Friend

In today’s distance learning environment, teachers have more to juggle than ever before. With such little time to spare, it can be easy to say that making time for creativity in a remote classroom is the last thought on a busy teacher’s mind. However, the technology that teachers are already using to facilitate their remote instruction can easily be leveraged to create an engaging, online art studio. Here this guest blogger’s ideas on how technology can be used to promote creativity.

2) Personalize the Experience

In this article, guest blogger and art teacher Jason Blair discusses how the pandemic has demonstrated that creativity spawns in the bleakest of times. But how do teachers create a positive environment for creativity to thrive? As curators of learning experiences, the teacher needs to create the conditions for creative minds to make connections and situate learning into more personal contexts. Check out the blog below for more.

3) Make Your Classroom a Safe Space for Everyone

Today’s challenging environment have compelled educators, in a way that many have not previously done, to engage in conversations to determine how, and with what resources, they can counter systemic racism, and build their classrooms (both in person, remote, or blended) into anti-racist environments where students are engaging with history and the present world in ways that are authentic, reflective, and honest. Hear how this guest blogger is shaping her classroom into an exclusive space.

4) Harness Your Own Creativity

While many children may not be able to go to school, teaching and learning have never stopped, and teachable moments are endless. To celebrate the idea that school can be anywhere, and that learning happens everywhere, we asked educators of all kinds to illustrate their unique approaches to remote learning! See how these teachers are motivating their students by showcasing their own creativity. We hope these ideas inspire you!

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