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Three Proven Intervention and Remediation Strategies for Effective Instruction

We recently hosted a webinar, Three Proven Intervention and Remediation Strategies for Effective Instruction, in partnership with District Administration. Leading academic experts Vicki Gibson, Nancy Marchand-Martella and Ron Martella provided listeners with evidence-based, comprehensive, tangible strategies for behavioral and academic success in intervention and remediation instruction. Missed the live session? You can find a full recorded version here. Here’s what you can expect to discover when you watch this seminar:

Positive Reinforcement and Behavior Management

  • The experts break down the importance of positive reinforcement in behavior management and how to implement a positive reinforcement model in your classroom.
  • You’ll discover measurable strategies to establish positive relationships with students — including the types of behavior to recognize, and the types of guidance to provide in response to various behaviors.
  • Beyond the immediate effects of improved behavior in the classroom, the experts lay out the long-term consequences of a positive learning environment on academic performance and student retention.

Explicit Instruction and Differentiated Instruction

  • You’ll discover how the two are linked — specifically how explicit instruction can be the key to effectively differentiating instruction.
  • The experts break down how the implementation of differentiated and explicit instruction can support an understanding of student growth as movement along a continuum of guidance and discovery.
  • Then, you’ll discover the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model and the Multi Tiered System of Support for a tangible grasp on implementation that will help you move forward.

Explicit Feedback

  • Vicky Gibson explains why explicit feedback at the point of need is a crucial element of intervention.
  • Gibson provides administrators with an overview of what they should see when they walk through classrooms, including whole class and small group instruction and collaboration.

Outcomes of State Standards

  • Rather than simply focusing on the implementation of state standards, this webinar helps listeners explore the impact of the outcomes of standards.
  • Lastly, you’ll get specific, comprehensive links/resources to incorporate an understanding of the impact of standards into your district’s professional development.

To view the recorded webinar in its entirety, watch below:

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