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How 2020 Has Changed What It Means to Be a Teacher

Reflecting on the Challenges, Transformation, and Wisdom the Year Has Brought

To look back on the year and how it has changed education forever, we hosted a Twitter Chat this past week with a panelist of several standout Art of Teaching guest bloggers. We covered all things 2020, from how a pandemic disrupted the way education is delivered, to why social and emotional learning, and equity and inclusion, must be present in all aspects of instruction. We were thrilled with the engagement and responses we received from participants across the country. See below for a snapshot of some of the most profound, insightful, and encouraging commentary that came out of the chat, and make sure to follow #2020TaughtMeChat on Twitter to keep up with the evolving conversation!

How Teaching Environments Have Evolved Since the Start of the Pandemic

The Largest Obstacles Educators Have Had to Overcome

Actionable Advice for Integrating SEL Into Remote Instruction

How to Approach Conversations of Equality and Justice with Students

On Boosting Student Engagement in Fluctuating Environments

The Importance of Prioritizing Teacher Mental Health

The Top Teacher Takeaways from a Transformative Year

Looking Ahead to A New (and Hopefully Improved) 2021

It goes without saying that this has been a year like no other. We want to take a moment to appreciate teachers for their flexibility, their resourcefulness, and above all, their unwavering commitment to making a difference in their students’ lives. Thank you!

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