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How Has Technology Transformed the Way You Teach?

Let Us Know for a Chance to Win a Free Trial of McGraw Hill Rise!

For every teacher, every parent, every administrator who has made learning happen over the last year, technology has certainly been a lifeline.

With technology, a living room can become a classroom. With technology, personalized connections can be made with students, even from miles away. With technology, students can grow and accelerate and challenge themselves at their own pace. With technology, learning and exploration can continue, even if the world stands still.

February 25, 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of Digital Learning Day (#DLDay)an online celebration hosted by Future Ready Schools, where educators share great ideas, amazing stories, and promising practices through social media and within their own schools and communities.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of #DLDay we are honoring the power of technology and its role in education today. But we don’t want to celebrate alone! We want to hear, and share, YOUR stories about how technology has empowered you this year.

So tell us: how has technology changed your experience with teaching and learning? For better or worse, we want to hear from you. Share your story and be entered to receive a free trial of McGraw Hill Rise, and be featured on our blog!

Here’s How the Contest Works:

In a medium of your choice, tell us (or show us!) how technology has empowered you and your students this year. Share your submission by March 12, 2021 and you’ll enter for a chance to win a free three-month trial of McGraw Hill Rise. Your submission will also be featured in a blog post showcase.

Here are some quick facts about the contest:

  • Who can enter — Any educator, administrator, or parent/caregiver
  • Type of medium — Sky’s the limit. (Suggestions — drawing, painting, sculpture, writing, song, rap, dance, spoken verse, dramatic performance, photography, or short film)
  • What you should do — Get creative! Originality, quality, and a reflection of how your students inspire you will each make up a third of your score.
  • What you shouldn’t do — Please do not include students (or other minors), unlicensed third-party intellectual property (logos on clothing, in the background, textbooks, products, trademarks, music, artwork, photographs, or writing created by someone other than the entrant), or any information that violates someone’s privacy.

Ready to enter? You can do so here.

What is McGraw Hill Rise?

Rise is new reading and math supplement for grades 3–8, embedded with assessment and personalization to help educators identify and address individual learning gaps for each student.

Curated from McGraw Hill’s proven content, Rise is available through McGraw Hill’s single sign-on, and is powered by the McGraw Hill SmartBook 2.0 adaptive learning engine. Based on extensive research by McGraw Hill’s learning scientists and technologists, SmartBook 2.0’s enhanced algorithms are built based upon advanced learning science principles that enable it to adapt to each individual learner’s needs, pinpoint and resolve knowledge gaps, and increase learning efficiency by moving knowledge into long-term memory more quickly.

With Rise, educators will have access to customized student reporting dashboards and real-time feedback on student content mastery. Additionally, Rise’s recharge feature allows for asynchronous reinforcement of topics, allowing students to reach mastery of core ELA and math learning objectives at their own pace.

Enter here for a chance to win!



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