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How to Support Student Well-Being Online and at Home

Leveraging Teacher-Parent Relationships and At-Home Learning

Engage Families & the Community with Kindness

The Great Kindness Challenge, a free activity for schools that celebrates acts of kindness, has created a Family Edition of their acts of kindness checklist! This activity contains acts of kindness designed for families to complete together at home. Whether your school is participating in the School Edition of the Great Kindness Challenge this year or not, making families aware of free resources like this one is a great way to establish a relationship with parents, help them connect to their child’s learning, and help children have access to great resources at home. If your school is participating in the Great Kindness Challenge, there are endless ways to engage parents in the week-long kindness celebration through in-school activities as well as community engagement activities. In the webinar recording above, the leaders of the Great Kindness Challenge discuss the Family Edition of the checklist and ways to involve parents in the School Edition.

Connect with Parents and Families on Student Well-Being

Kerrie LaRosa, a clinical social worker and parent coach who specializes in helping parents understand their children’s behaviors, joined us on the webinar to offer some insights from her work with parents that are applicable to educators. Kerrie discussed the importance of teacher-family communication to student well-being and academic performance, including research that found teacher-family communication increased homework completion by 40%, class participation by 15%, created stronger teacher-student relationships, and increased parent involvement and student motivation.

  • Parents as Partners
  • Make Positive Assumptions
  • Mutual Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Communication

Reach Students Through Online Learning & Flexibility

Finally, educator Stacey Roshan and School Psychologist Adam Parker shared their best practices for reaching students through online learning, flexible environments, and even music videos!



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