Librarian Reading Round Up

Our Best Librarian Stories In Honor of National Library Week

April 9th-15th marks National Library Week 2017. Here at McGraw-Hill Education, we believe that school librarians are important influencers and leaders in any district —so often, they act as the link between student and information. They teach children how to interact with and properly utilize resources, research, and technology. School librarians can take up key roles in instructional planning, tech implementation, and curriculum. We firmly believe in supporting librarians in their efforts to empower learners — so, in honor of National Library Week, here are our top reads on the role of libraries in schools:

  1. The Future Ready Librarian

We partner with Future Ready Schools, a planning and resource hub that assists district leaders in planning for effective implementation of personalized learning. Future Ready is invested in the professional development and cultivation of librarians as district leaders. Learn more about what defines a Future Ready Librarian here:

2. Librarians and Students

Librarians hold a unique position in relation to student learning. Read more on their potential to influence a student’s perception of art, information, and validity:

3. Librarian Stories

Remember Future Ready Schools? Meet Kristen Mattson, one school librarian leading the effort to become future ready through instructional leadership and tech implementation. Here’s her story:

Librarians play an important role in tech implementation and use. Hear from Stephanie Griffith, Library Media Specialist of Highlands Middle School:

If you are interested in becoming a Future Ready Librarian or encouraging the librarians in your district to do so, check out the 2017 Future Ready Schools events list. This year, the Future Ready team has crafted special break out sessions just for librarians to network, explore, and grow. Find the events list below:

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