Meet the Former Educators on Our Team

Designed by Former Teachers, Created for Students

Many of our team members have extensive experience in the classroom, as teachers or district leaders, and they now lend their expertise and insights to the work we do here every day. Having that first-hand experience into student needs, classroom dynamics, and teaching challenges makes each of them an invaluable asset to our collective intelligence. As former educators, they enable us to not only design learning materials driven by learning science research, but also by intuition and years of learned lessons.

We wanted to learn more about the former educators on our staff, so we sent out an open poll for those who use to teach to elaborate on their experiences. Here’s just a snippet of what we learned about the former educators we work with every day:

We’re proud to collaborate with so many former educators, and look forward to sharing more with you about their passion for empowering students through learning science insights.

For more on the talented team that drives our work, see Behind the Cube: