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Our Favorite Reads: The Science of Reading

Important Stories from September 2021

Welcome to the third edition of the Stories that Inspired Us newsletter, where we take a look back at some recent stories that had a strong impact on us and on our readers.

This month, we focused on stories about the Science of Reading that we hope will inspire you to go exploring in the ever-evolving space of research-based literacy instruction:

Dr. Timothy Shanahan on the Models Behind the Science of Reading

“I think what happens to most teachers isn’t that they are having trouble finding research. It’s that they are inundated by other people claiming the teachers need to do particular things because of research.”

Trusted Sources and Voices on the Science of Reading

“It’s fine to subscribe to journals and go to conferences and listen to people share their research. But understand that you should never change your practice based on a single study.”

Understanding Multimodal Instruction in PreK-5 Literacy

By Dr. Jan Hasbrouck

“If there isn’t any real evidence that students have “learning styles”, what can educators do to accommodate varying needs, to leverage what we know about how the brain works, and make the most of the precious moments spent teaching students how to read?”

3 Common Misconceptions About the Science of Reading

“It’s important to note that the Science of Reading is extensive, complex, and ever-changing, and does not exist in any one program or book.”



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