Personalized Learning: The Future of Mathematics Instruction

Making Personalized Learning Available for Every Student

Reaching a level of personalized learning that’s accessible, functional, and productive for every student is a top priority for many districts, schools, and classrooms. But it isn’t any easy task. We expect so much from our teachers: passion, expertise, high achievement and engagement from students, and consistent student performance on standardized tests. To ask them to personalize learning — to give each student a learning experience tailored to their pace, learning style, and needs — is almost audacious. And yet, they do it. For decades, teachers have been personalizing learning for their students, challenging themselves and putting in long hours in order to empower every learner and to give every child a chance to succeed.

But what educators cannot do (at least not alone!) is make that personalized learning scalable. It’s not that they aren’t passionate, dedicated, and talented — it’s that they’re human, and they’re outnumbered. But that long-standing goal of implementing a personalized learning system in an entire district is possible with the right programs, and the help of powerful technology.

In perhaps no space is personalized learning more crucial than the mathematics classroom. Math teachers are incredible educators — they make the abstract tangible, and provide young learners with the tools they need to grow into independent problem solvers. But imagine what math teachers could accomplish if they were armed with adaptive technology that addressed individual student needs throughout a lesson. Effective personalized learning programs continually assess a student’s current level of knowledge, identify gaps, and create an individualized learning path, targeting what each student is ready to learn next. These programs provide students with the right content at the right time, and help teachers drive outcomes with data on each student and the entire class.

When combined with the rigorous and powerful content from print materials, adaptive technology can be used to effectively drive student achievement and make personalized learning a reality for every student. Glencoe High School Math Series features two personalized, adaptive learning tools — ALEKS® and LearnSmart®. ALEKS can be used every day with the Glencoe High School Math Series to remediate or accelerate learning. LearnSmart helps students with retention and recall, and provides an individualized test prep plan for year-end, high stakes assessments. A combination of purposeful print content, innovative adaptive technology, and passionate teachers could be the perfect combination to bring your classroom into a new era of learning and to unlock the potential of every learner.

Learn more about personalized learning tools available with Glencoe High School Math Series. Get a sample here. Visit our website for details.

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