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How Your School Can Change The Lives of Students Across the Globe

You may have seen our recent posts regarding the The Great Kindness Challenge. A free, powerful, week-long program, the Great Kindness Challenge is a PreK-12 initiative that positively transforms school culture through kindness. When a school signs up, they are provided with tools that enable teachers, students, and administrators to dedicate one week to kindness. For 2017, the Great Kindness Challenge will run January 23-27, but you can participate whenever works best for your school. If you haven’t already signed up, you can do so here.

The organizers of the Great Kindness Challenge extend the event (and the upswell of kindness that comes with it) beyond the classroom. To take kindness to a global level, the GKC leaders organize a philanthropy project, where students, teachers, and parents travel across the globe to spread hope, compassion, and learning. For 2016, they launched the Kind Coins for Kenya Initiative, in which children helped to build the Kids for Peace School of Kenya: a beautiful new school in a Kenyan village funded entirely by the American children who participated in the challenge. 30 volunteers traveled to Kenya to build the school, deliver educational supplies, and to unite young learners across countries and cultures, drawn together by a passion for education and kindness. Check out the video below:

For 2017, the Great Kindness Challenge is launching the Kind Coins for Pakistan global service project, where they will send a group of kind students and adults to build a new school for approximately 200 students, ages 5–12 years old. These Pakistani students deserve a safe, productive, healthy place to learn and grow, and a school could be the space that changes their lives and helps them reach their full potential. Check out this video to learn more about the students in need:

Your students can be involved in making this school a reality. The Great Kindness Challenge invites all students to participate in the Kind Coins for Pakistan project by raising money during the Great Kindness Week, or whenever best suits your school, by collecting spare change in their homes and neighborhoods. The project is a great opportunity for students to learn about the power of kindness, teamwork, group organization, global awareness, and the importance of education itself. To learn more about how your school can participate, take a look at the information sheet below:

If you’re looking for more resources to kickstart your Great Kindness Challenge schedule of events and activities, we’ve gathered a few ideas specific for elementary students and another list for middle and high school students. If you’re simply looking to learn more about the Great Kindness Challenge, visit their website here:

BONUS! New resources from the Great Kindness Challenge team below!

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