Saturday Stories: Easy Tips for Digital Learning

Your Weekend Reads in Education

For this week’s Saturday Stories, we’ve decided to gather some of our best quick, digestible tips for digital learning. Making the best possible use of technology in your classroom can be difficult. While tech presents a plethora of benefits — including differentiated instruction, a boost in student engagement, and integrated college and career readiness — it can also bring some challenges. You might have a different level of familiarity with certain devices than your students, or you may have expected your students to be more comfortable with tech than they really are. You might also encounter unique challenges with access, classroom management, and IT support.

To help you navigate these challenges so that you (and your students) can fully benefit from and embrace digital learning, we’ve pulled together our favorite tips. All of these blogs are from educators, just like you, who have learned from both trial and error and simple teacher intuition how to make the best of tech in the classroom. Happy reading!

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Seven Ways to Use Interactive Technology to Harness Creativity

by Courtney Teague, EdTech Evangelist

“Collaborative online work spaces can change students’ perceptions of themselves. Collaboration in the cloud can help students see themselves as co-constructors of knowledge, rather than as teachers’ ‘subjects.’” — Courtney Teague

Five Fabulous Free Formative Assessment Tools

By Bethany Petty, Social Studies Teacher

“As a flipped classroom teacher, embedding formative assessment into my instructional videos is an absolute must. Students must actively participate in instructional videos in order to gain an understanding of the content. EDpuzzle provides the perfect platform to accomplish this goal!” — Bethany Petty

5 Tips for Easy BYOD Implementation

by Courtney Teague, EdTech Evangelist

“And as teachers, we must remember: to whom much is given; much is required. Of course, the fear of students being off task is nothing new. Students have engaged in off-task behavior since the invention of playing pencil fight and passing notes designed as paper airplanes. But digital devices present new challenges for classroom management.” — Courtney Teague

Managing Middle School Students in a 1:1 Environment

By Stephanie Griffith, Library Media Specialist

“We, as teachers, had to learn to engage our students in learning in different ways. While the students are digital natives, they had to learn to manage and organize their learning in a digital environment. Along with engaging them came the task of managing them as well.” — Stephanie Griffith

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