STEM Spotlight: Science Fairs and Digital Learning

According to the National Science Foundation and the Bureau of Labor Statistics , science and engineering jobs will grow by 18.7% for the 2010-2020 period, as compared to 14.3% for all occupations. STEM education is so important to giving all students the chance to become college and career ready - now more than ever. That’s why we sponsor the Central District Science Fair at The Ohio Academy of Science. Last year, we were blown away by the innovation, drive, and intellect of the students who were presenting their projects. Not only were these young scientists impressive thinkers and problem solvers, they also applied their learnings with a much larger, global vision in mind — and we’re pretty confident that each one of them will make the world a better place to live. You can find 2017 events from The Ohio Academy of Science here.

Watch the video below to see highlights from last year’s fair:

To bring some STEM thinking and practice to your classroom, we’ve gathered up some fun digital learning resources. Use these videos to fill in gaps in your lesson plan, supplement curriculum content, or just for a fun bellringer.

As it starts to warm up, consider moving class outside to try out a fun science experiment:

Science and STEM educators: Have you ever been to a science fair where one of your students presented an amazing project? Do you have any science fairs coming up? Share your stories and upcoming events in the comments!


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