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Striving for Interoperability

Purposeful Content and Powerful Technology That’s Seamless, Efficient, and Open

Interoperability has become such an important component of education: as we begin to see the transformative power of digital solutions on student outcomes, and explore the potential of learning in a digital ecosystem, we can’t allow ourselves to overlook a key component of the changing environment: ease of use. Educational technology has the potential to be so influential in young learner’s lives, but it can’t be effective if students and teachers are struggling to integrate these programs into their classrooms. Educators must be able to access purposeful content, powerful tools, and crucial student data with the ease, flexibility, and freedom to make the most of their precious time and their invaluable pedagogical skill.

Imagine a classroom of eager, bright learners that has been equipped with a number of cutting-edge digital learning tools and rigorous content — but students and teachers have a long list of passwords and account information and the digital tools don’t communicate with each other. The teacher, who has the potential to be so empowered by all of these resources, is strapped by obstacles. She must now wear yet another hat (IT professional for a class full of students) and she isn’t free to take full advantage of these tools — by utilizing content and resources from various platforms — to deliver the best instruction. We have educators with miraculous gifts for teaching, we have excellent content, and we have innovative digital tools — we just have to find a way to allow all three to function in tandem. The solution, then, is to strive for communication between top EdTech developers, create systems that communicate, and remain attentive to the needs of students and teachers.

To learn more about interoperability and to find strategies for implementing digital solutions in your district, register for the “Digital Learning and the Importance of Interoperability and Open Standards” webinar hosted by Future Ready Schools®:

Interoperability between digital tools is the ultimate goal for all EdTech leaders and developers. If teachers have simple access to digital tools and rigorous content, they’re free to use their expertise to pair various learning items in such a way that delivers the most effective instruction. They also have illuminating student data that they can employ to drive instructional decisions. When students have immediate and seamless access to a variety of digital resources, they have more chances to discover a learning style that allows them to be successful. With interoperability, students are free to explore, discover, collaborate, and create without digital boundaries.

At McGraw-Hill Education, we understand the importance of interoperability. We believe in the power of our adaptive learning technology, and want our students and teachers to be able to take full advantage those tools. We’re working to make interoperability a focus of our commitment to learning, and integrate it into our mission as a learning science company. For more on our philosophy, check out these articles from our most innovative and committed thought leaders:

For a glimpse into the steps we’re taking to make educational interoperability a reality, check out our integration service, Access Manager. You can also explore the exciting collaboration between Engrade, a learning management and assessment platform, and Knovation, a leader in online resource curation:

Don’t forget to register for the Future Ready Schools® Digital Learning and the Importance of Interoperability and Open Standards webinar. The panelists will give you the information and tools you need to begin thinking about interoperability in your district. Register here →



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