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The Art of Teaching

Stories from Educators

Welcome to the latest edition of the Stories that Inspired Us newsletter, where we take a look back at some stories that had a strong impact on us and our readers.

This month we’re taking a look at stories written by PreK-12 educators, for PreK-12 educators. The Art of Teaching, a blogging program, empowers educators through a network enabling peer-to-peer sharing, encouragement, and advice. Each of these stories was recently written and published to explore and celebrate the art (and science) of teaching.

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Amplifying Student Voice Through Collaborative Performances in the Pandemic

By Carey Crows, Music Teacher, Mary Tapia, Arts Educator, and Alison Keller, Instructional Innovation Specialist

“If we honor the immense capacity of children and give them an outlet and some guidance, they will surprise, delight, and inspire us.”

🍎 Read the blog here.

Black Music Should Be Celebrated for More Than One Month

By Ashley Cuthbertson, M.Ed, NBCT

“We celebrate to honor the Black musicians and composers who have given way to the many genres of uniquely American music and the influence of Black music on a variety of genres not just here in the U.S., but around the world. And to remember that after all, Black Music is American music.”

🍎 Read the blog here.

Project-Based Learning: Using Baseball to Practice Environmentalism

By Brittany Murro, iSTEM and Gifted & Talented Teacher

“Recycled Baseball has become a favorite tradition in Tabernacle. Starting as an Earth Day activity, it has quickly expanded into a full-blown, cross-curricular thematic unit that is adored by staff and students alike.”

🍎 Read the blog here.

The Saving Grace for Educators: Kindness from the Inside Out!

By Katie Gaylord, School Counselor

“For the last seventeen consecutive years, I have poured my whole being into the profession of school counseling. From interning in Western NY during graduate school at Saint Bonaventure University to growing roots in Virginia with my husband Jeff and three children in a beloved school division to having recently changed course and headed north to the Adirondack Mountains for a captivating year of self-discovery, kindness has been the anchor I have held tight to each and every step of the way.”

🍎 Read the blog here.

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