The Global Math Project

Making Mathematics Joyful for Your Students

For many, math class is a source of anxiety and frustration. While educators strive to foster math positivity, it can be difficult to convince a child of the joy of mathematics when he or she has little confidence in their own abilities to perform mathematical tasks. As a result, an individual’s relationship with mathematics can be complicated. Take a look at what happened when the teachers and learners at the Global Math Project asked people to finish the sentence, “Math is ___”

The founders of the Global Math Project, who created the video above, are on a mission to change our collective relationship with mathematics, and to help students across the globe find joy in math. We’re excited to help spread the word about how you can get involved, and bring the Global Math Project to your school during Global Math Week in October 2018, an event dedicated to math positivity.

The focus of Global Math Week 2017 was the Exploding Dots Story, an “astounding mathematical story that starts at the very beginning of mathematics — it assumes nothing — and swiftly takes you on a wondrous journey through grade school arithmetic, polynomial algebra, and infinite sums to unsolved problems baffling mathematicians to this day.”

The Exploding Dots Story works in any classroom, with a variety of learning styles. It’s an easy to understand mathematical model that brings context and understanding to a wide array of mathematical concepts from K-12 including:

  • place value
  • standard algorithms for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and long division
  • integers
  • algebra
  • polynomial division
  • infinite sums
  • and more!

Learn more about Exploding Dots from Global Math Project co-founder, James Tanton, below:

To learn more about Global Math Project and to get involved in Global Math Week 2018, click here.

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