The Great Create Art Contest: How Do Your Students Empower You?

Enter The Great Art Contest for a Chance to Win a Trip to ISTE!

Contest closed.

Combining the art of teaching with the science of learning involves fostering relationships with students and mobilizing data to turn those relationships into outcomes. Every day, teachers make that mission a reality by partnering with students to create meaningful and innovative learning experiences.

We know that teachers empower students to be the best learners, thinkers, and creators that they can be. Knowledge (along with a caring, passionate teacher to convey it), is the best form of empowerment for any student. But in a student-teacher relationship that combines the art of teaching with the science of learning, that empowerment is a two-way street. Students bring so much to the table — they inform future pedagogical approaches, bring remarkable insight to subject matter, and continually remind educators to be forever learners. They help teachers to better personalize learning, evoke creativity, and drive inquiry.

Educators, we know you feel strengthened, inspired, and refreshed by your students. It’s time to express it! That’s why we’ve launched The Great Create Art Contest— a nationwide event open to educators who feel compelled to share how their students empower them to be the best teachers they can be. The winner will receive a trip to ISTE 2018 to gather more strategies to foster strong student and teacher relationships with technology!

Here’s how the Great Create Art Contest Works:

In a medium of your choice, show us how your students have empowered you to be a better teacher, and how they enable you to unite the art of teaching with the science of learning. Share your submission by May 4, 2018 at 10:00 PM EST, and you’ll enter for a chance to win a trip to ISTE!

👉 The winner will win free airfare, hotel accommodations, and admission to the ISTE conference in Chicago June 24–27, 2018. Up to 5 Finalists will win VIP entry to Ed Tech Karaoke.

Here are some quick facts about the contest:

  • Who can enter — Any educator or administrator
  • Type of medium — Sky’s the limit. (Suggestions — drawing, painting, sculpture, writing, song, rap, dance, spoken verse, dramatic performance, photography, or short film)
  • What you should do — Get creative! Originality, quality, and a reflection of how your students inspire you will each make up a third of your score.
  • What you shouldn’t do — Please do not include students (or other minors), unlicensed third-party intellectual property (logos on clothing, in the background, textbooks, products, trademarks, music, artwork, photographs, or writing created by someone other than the entrant), or any information that violates someone’s privacy.

See full contest rules here.

Good luck, and have fun with it! We can’t wait to see your artwork.

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