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Tips for Teachers to Stay Energized at the End of the Year

By Michele Hill, Educator

  • Have you heard of Genius Hour? Allow students to pursue their passions and learn on their own while taking charge of their own learning. They can share out their projects to inspire other students to learn something new.
  • Problem Based Learning is great at this time of the year. Students can pursue individual passions while learning real problem-solving skills and developing new skills.
  • Host a virtual showcase with highlights of student work. Invite your colleagues, parents, students, and community members to participate.
  • Gamify it. Create challenge opportunities to solidify or reinforce learning. Check out John Meehan; he is the master of gamifying his classroom and has tons of templates.
  • Mystery hangouts. Connect your students with students around the world with virtual mystery guests. Since the pandemic, everyone is adept at using a video virtual platform and more willing to participate in speaking to others over the internet.
  • Get competitive. Everybody likes a little healthy competition. Develop ways for students to showcase their learning. Prizes and recognition certainly get people excited to be part of the game, so have some on hand.
  • Appy Hour. Have students pick an educational app that most others are not familiar with, and teach everyone else how to use it. Students will see what teaching is like firsthand.
  • Notes of affirmation. Share messages of hope and respect from students and staff with students.
  • Themed days. Create a theme for each day of the week and have activities or trivia that coincide with the theme. The theme can run through the entire class or just the first few minutes of the class. Whatever you choose to do will be great.



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