Uplifting Mathematics for All: 10 Million Strong. Have you joined?

By Raj Shah, Ph.D. and James Tanton, Ph.D.

In October 2017, over 1.77 million students and teachers from 168 countries and territories were transfixed by a universal story. It was a unique story; one that transcended language, borders and technology and could only be told through the human endeavor of mathematics.

This story arose after a team from the Global Math Project challenged themselves to determine how each person on this planet could come to see mathematics as human, relevant, meaningful, accessible, creative, joyful, and uplifting. Their desired outcome could only occur with the support of a compelling, accessible mathematical topic with a cross-grade storyline that was classroom-relevant but curriculum agnostic. As a result, Global Math Week was born with Exploding Dots as the inaugural lesson.

Global Math Week was a time for students and teachers of all ages and abilities to band together while exploring the same mathematical story and sharing their experiences through social media. The outcome was wildly successful with participation from over 1.77 million students across the globe. On a follow-up survey, more than 90% of teachers who responded agreed that the Global Math Week topic of Exploding Dots helped students to see mathematics as more approachable, more enjoyable and as making sense. Teachers saw students be more confident in mathematics. Commented one teacher, “It was an incredible experience for ALL students! Those who don’t typically see themselves as ‘math people’ engaged deeply with the problem and often explained how Exploding Dots worked to their ‘more math-y’ classmates. It was a great equalizer!”

Building upon the success of year one, it only makes sense for this math positivity to persist. This year’s goal is for global participation in Exploding Dots 2.0 to raise to 10 million strong.

When is Global Math Week: October 10 — October 17

Who can join: Anyone!

How do I join? Teachers can register online to receive access to the free materials.

How much time will it take? In as little as 30 minutes students can have a mind-blown moment.

Join us as we further the joy of mathematics throughout the world!

McGraw-Hill Education is a proud sponsor of Global Math Project. To get involved in Global Math Week 2018, click here.


Raj Shah Ph.D.: After earning his PhD in physics, Raj Shah worked at Intel for 9 years. He left the corporate world to found Math Plus Academy, a center that spreads the love of mathematics by encouraging kids to engage in creative problem solving and constructive play. Raj is also a contributing author for Reveal Math.

James Tanton Ph.D.: Believing that mathematics really is accessible to all, James Tanton (PhD, Mathematics, Princeton 1994) is committed to sharing the delight and the beauty of the subject. James currently serves as the Mathematician-at-Large for the Mathematical Association of America. He is in demand all over the world for his teacher and student workshops.