Watch: K-12 Students Reflect on Literature and Reading

Young Readers Have a Message for You, Teachers

Recently, we had the opportunity to connect with students around our School Group office in Columbus, OH — and we are so happy that we did.

We learned so much from these students: about what motivates humans to read, about what it’s like to discover a beloved novel for the first time, and about what it means to be a literate, learning person. Thank you, students of central Ohio, for sharing this time with us and allowing us to share it with the world. You reminded us how important it is for all educational professionals to learn and grow alongside our students. All teaching and learning should be a collaborative experience, and we should never miss an opportunity to let our students influence our perspective.

These readers have a message for you, teachers — and even for parents, neighbors, friends, and education technology companies like us. Simply put, their message is to remember why our collective efforts to drive literacy skills are so important. But, we think it’s best if you hear it from them. Watch the video below:

We want to thank the students in this video for their time, their insight, and their inspiration! Teachers: help us empower these students by sharing their stories. Allow them to light a spark in more of their peers by sharing this video with your fellow educators, and leaving a comment below!

For tangible strategies to ensure every student has the opportunity to discover the joy of reading and thrive in literacy, check out our guide, Essentials for Meeting the Third-Grade Guarantee. Learn more about literacy here.