Watch: Teach Your Students About Plastic Pollution on Earth Day

All About Earth Day, as Told by Earth (and Her Friend, Sun)

Earth Day is approaching, which offers an exciting time to address key science topics in a celebratory, focused way in the classroom. It’s also a good opportunity to remind students of their personal role in the care and preservation of the environment.

To help kickstart your Earth Day lesson planning, we’ve created an Earth Day animation focused on plastic pollution. The video features a few of the same characters we created to teach students about the 2017 solar eclipse.

In this animation, the Earth and the Sun discuss the effects of plastic pollution, and provide students with a few tangible, actionable ways they can help reduce plastic waste. Check in out below:

Find a printable transcript of this video here:

You can also download and print this coloring page to celebrate Earth Day with early learners:

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