What’s Happening at ISTE 2018?

Exploring Learning Science, Social and Emotional Learning, and Digital Transformations

In our booth at ISTE 2018, we’ll be exploring some of our favorite topics in education — and whether you’re able to make it to ISTE this year or not, we’re excited to share our resources with you, in person or virtually! Read on for a taste of some of the conversations we’ll be having with educators and experts at this year’s hub for edtech excitement:

Learning Science

We’ll be exploring the science of learning, and how it can support and empower the art of teaching. Learning science is the foundation of everything we do — what we know about how students learn and how the brain works helps guide our solution development and enables us to optimize learning. At ISTE, we’ll be exploring many nuances and implications of learning science, and taking a deeper dive into learning science as a field, and chatting with one of our learning scientists.

For more on learning science, watch:

Social and Emotional Learning

Social and emotional learning is critical to empowering both students and teachers in today’s ever-evolving education landscape. In order to make every moment in the classroom meaningful, teachers need to be armed with tools to help their students feel welcome, included, and capable. We’ll be exploring social and emotional learning by practicing SEL ourselves with our partners, the Great Kindness Challenge. For more on social and emotional learning, check out this guide from our Applied Learning Sciences team:

District Digital Transformations

We’ll also be exploring the challenges that come with a district-wide digital transformation — ISTE is all about using technology to enhance learning, but taking that to scale is complex. Tom Murray of Future Ready Schools will be joining us for a panel detailing strategies to drive your transformation after going 1:1, and the role communication plays in a seamless transition:

For more on district digital transformations, check out:

Whether you’re at ISTE or not, join us for a live Twitter Q&A to help connect ISTE attendees with educators across the country!