Jump the Cliff !!!

Image credit: http://www.gcflight.com/the-five-scariest-places-to-cliff-jump/

So you have an idea you want to materialize, a dream you want to pursue or a goal you want to conquer. But you are afraid! Something is holding you back. A fear, deep within. A fear that what if it goes wrong. A fear of going against the society’s norms. You fear that if you fail, you will have nothing. If you fail, what will your peers say, what will the society say. Is that what is holding you back? Is that what you keep thinking about, laying in bed in the deep dark night.
If yes, then my friend, I want to advise you to just start. Don’t wait thinking that you will analyse all the pros and cons and then you will start. Don’t wait to prepare the perfect roadmap to your goals, after which you will start. Doing so will drain your time and energy. Doing so will give your fears time to grip you. Just start. You don’t need to have a perfect plan. You don’t need to have a perfect team. You can be broke financially. But in spite of all this, I will advise you to just start. Jump off the cliff. On your way down to the bottom, you will face your fears, you will learn how to use your wings and how to use winds to soar high. Once you have started, everything will take care of itself. You just have to believe in your idea.

Face your fears and soar high.

And if failure is what you are afraid of my friend, then let me show you that history is filled with stories of legends who have failed and failed and failed again. Think of Abraham Lincoln, Elon Musk, Nikola Tesla, Michael Jordan. But every time they failed, they rose again. They believed in their idea, their vision and through sheer determination and hard work they materialized their dreams.
Would it be easy? Absolutely not. You will face many hurdles. You will be scarce of resources, your team members will leave you, you will be running out of money, loosing support from your near and der once. But you have to get going. Everytime you face a hurdle, just keep going. The pain, the hurdles will increase but it won’t last forever. It will pass. And once it has passed, you will emerge stronger and better than you were earlier. You will be stronger to face difficulties. And over time you will find that bit by bit, pieces by pieces, brick by brick, your monument has been built.
So don’t wait. Jump the Cliff!

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