Returning to Spring: A Modern, Ancient Approach to Weight Management

Gain Control of Weight, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar


Despite the overwhelming and often contradictory views of weight loss (and all the conditions that come with it, listed in the title — collectively known as “metabolic syndrome”) — in my years of clinical research, the traditional Eastern medicine perspective remains the simplest, most logical, and most elegant way to explain the process of how to optimize weight in a healthy, sustainable way.

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Why? Quite simply — because the levels of obesity and unhealthy weight gain seen today didn’t exist even a mere century ago (due entirely to capitalism — see the video posted later down).

Essentially all traditional medicines of the world inherently recognize that modern-defined heavy” body types in themselves can absolutely be healthy. In fact — possibly the healthiest! This has been acknowledged for millennia — but what is the difference between “healthy” heavy and “unhealthy” heavy? The often-subtle signs



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