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Cuffe Biden Owens and Meghan King Already Blew Up and Yeah, I Can Relate

Let’s talk about sex, love, and neurotransmitters.

A woman is sitting on the roof of a car wearing a short skirt and a leather jacket with sunglasses. A man is standing in front of her and she has her legs wrapped around him. He is also wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses and they are kissing.
Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

A few years after a nasty divorce and even nastier breakup with a rebound beau, I found myself almost signing a lease on a new apartment with a motorcycle mechanic I’d been seeing for about a month. We’d known each other for slightly longer since we worked…




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Jill Francis

Jill Francis

American immigrant in Italy with too many degrees in Psychology. I write about everything I’m afraid of.

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