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Honoring the Day

How escaping into the woods during the pandemic taught my wife and me about the importance of gratitude

A rock decorated as the face of the Green Man is propped up between a man and a woman who are both kneeling on either side of it.
Damian & Andria posing with “The Green Man” created from flowers and fallen debris around their campsite in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Photo by Damian Sebouhian
Andria standing by the firepit after a light rainfall.
A small stone table made from two pillars of stacked rocks sits atop a flat boulder next to a creek.
The River Altar where the author spent his mornings meditating while getting eaten alive by hungry mosquitoes



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Damian Sebouhian

I write Muse Exclusives on topics ranging from metaphysics, meditation, tarot, mythology, poetry, art, humor, and other adventures.