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Writers, Want to Borrow 4,000 Followers?

Call for personal essays and stories for Inspired Writer

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At Inspired Writer, we’re just about to hit 4K followers!

Imagine them all in a room, listening to your story — and it’s a virtual room, so you don’t even have to worry about pandemic restrictions!

We welcome both experienced and emerging writers, because when we work together we all improve and deliver the best work for our wonderful readers.

Super excited to hear your story!

We Value Passionately Told Stories

We love to hear what you’re passionate about. Whether it’s your first story or your 1000th. If you’ve got a personal essay, piece of creative nonfiction, or a topic you are inspired by, send it our way!

Widen that lens too and let our readers see how it relates to their world.

Here’s a prompt if you need one:

When was a time you made a decision you weren’t sure would pay off?

Ash travelled during a pandemic:

Michele tried edibles:

What about you?

We value writing advice from experienced writers:

Joe Duncan, Sean Kernan, Tara Blair Ball, Ryan Fan, Boateng Sekyere and Megan Holstein have all shared their expert tips with us. And so many other wonderful writers!

If you’re an experienced writer, we’d love to hear from you. There are hundreds of new writers wanting your best writing advice!

These were our most popular stories of 2021 if you want to see what people are reading:

What’s the most helpful writing advice you were ever given, learned, or heard?

Get your stories in by January 31st for our February scheduling. Ash Jurberg and I can’t wait to hear from you!

Acknowledging some of our Inspired Writers:

Jim Martens elana elizabeth Fatima Mohammed Shari Walker Ian Smith Jay M. Miranda Lu Mar Melissa Coffey Alexandra Ford abbytozer Aimée Gramblin Addey Vaters Alice Goldbloom Amy Moellering Akos Peterbencze Alan Sharvin Alexa Matt Lillywhite Anangsha Alammyan Alison Schaffir Melody June Anaya Nosso Andreas D. Angela Moon Anna Kirkpatrick-Jung annalisa renee Annie Huang

If you’re not yet a writer for Inspired Writer, just email us with your draft:

  • (all writers)
  • (experienced writers only).




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