Fast and Far

Cheetahs are the fastest animal on earth. They can run as fast as 110–120 KM/h. in a short range of about 500 meters. — Amazing.

Every year a group of two millions animals like wildebeests, zebras, gazelles migrate between a wide field in Kenya and Tanzania to search for food and water. A round trip is as long as 2,000 KM. — Amazing.

The difference of the two amazing stories is the fact that the cheetahs go fast, and the wildebeests go far.

To go fast go alone, to go far go together — African Proverb

Look back to myself, I really like this proverb because it tightly links to both everybody’s life and work.

  • We all have friends.
  • We are not alone.
  • We cannot succeed doing it alone.
  • We want to go far and not just fast.
  • And we are wildebeests and not cheetahs.

The reason we found a company and we build software or products and services is because as a team, we want to go far and not just fast.

Today, are we taking a good care of a person on the left of us, and on the right of us? In order for us to be ready for a long journey, that really matters.

Thinking and writing are the things I like. Sharing is what I love. Because of them, I write everyday to share stories from my thoughts and experiences, from the future I see and believe in. Everything I use to build Inthentic a better home. A home of people who want to do good things and give back. A home that is a small starting point of changes for a better society. I am proud of what I am doing. And even prouder to know that I am not doing it alone.

Thanks for reading. :-)