If I got asked today “what do you fear the most in business?” Here is my answer:

I will feel very uncertain if I know that someone is trying harder than me to understand customers and what they want.

I really believe this is the core factor to any business. Who understands customers better wins.

At the end of the day, ideas can be and will be copied. Technologies are open and accessible to almost everyone. Money and funds are dropping on the floor every single day.

What can be scaled will be scaled. What can be bought will be bought. Traffics, downloads, followers, likes, and shares.

Something deep, something hard to scale couldn’t be more important. Understanding human being is the number one on the list.

Up to today, business is 100% human to human activity. Your customers decide who they want to do business with, who they want to spend time with, who they want to spend their hard-earned money with. Am I the first in their mind? That is a very crucial question for my business.

That’s why I try hard not to turn down an opportunity to meet with my current or future customers. To go visit their places, to talk to real people, to observe their routines.

As important as meeting with them, I try hard to be very honest, transparent and trustworthy. In short, I try to be human. I try to make my team be human. Because I believe this will come handy one day in the future. It will remind current and potential customers of mine that my team and I exist and are ready to help.

I like do thing that don’t easily scale. I know it can separate us from competitors.

That’s why I will be very concerned if I know that someone else does this better. :-)

Thinking and writing are the things I like. Sharing is what I love. Because of them, I write everyday to share stories from my thoughts and experiences, from the future I see and believe in. Everything I use to build Inthentic a better home. A home of people who want to do good things and give back. A home that is a small starting point of changes for a better society. I am proud of what I am doing. And even prouder to know that I am not doing it alone.

Thanks for reading. :-)