In Their Shoes

I realized this recently. Before you take any action, spend a minute to think about how other person will think or feel about what you are about to do.

  • Before you say that word
  • Before you hit that “Send” button
  • Before you post that comment
  • Before you put that clause in the contract
  • Before you commit to that deadline and condition
  • Before you implement that workflow into your product
  • Before you ask her for that favor
  • Before you negotiate for more money
  • Before you enforce those rules
  • Before you need that forgiveness

Before anything, you should try to put your feet in someone else’s shoes. You should ask yourself “If I were him, how do I feel about that?”

This is magic. It is wonderful. Once you ask this question, you are having more empathy. You are likely to treat them with more care. You put them in front of yourself.

This is a great asset for anyone, in any position, in any industry.

This question triggers humbleness in you. You will realize that you can do better. They deserve more and sometimes you don’t deserve that.

This question ignites you to do a better work, to put more effort into it. This question force you to think more and then to innovate. This question drives you to solve bigger and more challenging problems.

This is an unmatched attitude indeed.

And believe me, they will feel this too. They will sense that you are doing this not only for yourself but everyone as a whole. They will start to trust you more. They will want to do more business with you. What else can you ask for?

Remember, like Simon Sinek always say, make it about them, not about you.

Thinking and writing are the things I like. Sharing is what I love. Because of them, I write everyday to share stories from my thoughts and experiences, from the future I see and believe in. Everything I use to build Inthentic a better home. A home of people who want to do good things and give back. A home that is a small starting point of changes for a better society. I am proud of what I am doing. And even prouder to know that I am not doing it alone.

Thanks for reading. :-)