It Looks Simple But It’s Not

That is what lies inside the word “just”, and “only”.

I say the words quite often. It’s just a bug. They need only this. We must do just that. How hard could it be?

Everything, especially when not being done ourselves, seems simple enough. It shouldn’t require much thought. It shouldn’t take so long. It should involve many parties. Hence, it must be simple and quick.

I have learned that this is a dangerous mindset.

At best, it takes at least 50% more of the thoughts, 50% longer, and 50% more people involved. Hence, it is not that simple after all.

At worst, we unrealistically expect more from our people. We unnecessarily put more pressure on them. We unfairly judge their performance based on our own false assumptions. Because simple is actually very rare.

So I am saying … we should use less of the word “just” and “only”. And that is for a reason.

Thinking and writing are the things I like. Sharing is what I love. Because of them, I write everyday to share stories from my thoughts and experiences, from the future I see and believe in. Everything I use to build Inthentic a better home. A home of people who want to do good things and give back. A home that is a small starting point of changes for a better society. I am proud of what I am doing. And even prouder to know that I am not doing it alone.

Thanks for reading. :-)