If you have a chance to redo it.

  • A new house
  • A major upgrade to your existing product
  • Your new website
  • Your next keynote talk
  • A new relationship

Would you follow the same path?

If so, don’t bother.

Couples of years ago, I happened to be in a product kick-off meeting with a product development team. The main goal of this major upgrade was to recreate an API suite that is a lot (lots) easier to use when compared with the current version. It was clear from the beginning about the outcome everyone should expect.

Here came a product architect:

“We will start doing this by using the same API structure. …”

Once he completed this sentence, my mind stopped, my ears shut down. I knew right away this project would fail miserably.

That sentence showed to me this team had never learnt a thing from the past.

That sentence showed to me this team did not understand a concept of innovation.

That sentence showed to me that team has poor leadership.

How can you significantly improve your work using the same old concept that creates all the problems in the first place?

Even worse, how can you change your work for the better with the same old team who creates all the problems in the first place?

If they cannot learn, don’t rely on them.

If they cannot adapt, don’t trust them so much.

If they cannot escape their own cells, don’t bother giving them a redo work.

Thinking and writing are the things I like. Sharing is what I love. Because of them, I write everyday to share stories from my thoughts and experiences, from the future I see and believe in. Everything I use to build Inthentic a better home. A home of people who want to do good things and give back. A home that is a small starting point of changes for a better society. I am proud of what I am doing. And even prouder to know that I am not doing it alone.

Thanks for reading. :-)