Inspr is Now Integrated with POP — The Most Simple Way to Create an App Design on the Phone

Inspr free version is also now available in the app store!

Launch Details

What is Inspr ?

Inspr (Inspire) is a tool for creating mock-ups of the app design that’s always been floating around in your head. Unlike the existing tools that do similar things — Adobe Illustrator and Sketch, for example — Inspr is not restricted to professionals. With built-in templates, presets and icons, Inspr takes no design or coding skill to use, which is friendly for anyone who has app ideas. The best part is that Inspr is designed for your phone — you can craft your ideas wherever you go, not just on a desktop.

What’s the Inspr + POP integration?

To encourage more people without professional experience to use Inspr for app design, we’re launching a new version that’s integrated with POP — Prototyping on Paper. POP is an app that turns sketches into an interactive prototype. After launching three years ago, POP has 300,000 users, and 500,000 prototypes have already been created. The integration with POP will help Inspr users easily export their designs to a prototyping tool. People already using POP can use Inspr as a design tool to quickly create content for the prototype. With the integration, the whole process from mockup to prototype can be done on a phone seamlessly, and anyone can create an interactive prototype to share with friends!

With the new POP integration, you won’t just see the static UI pages but also the UX part of your app design, so any developer will easily be able to turn the prototype into a fully functioning app. We believe, though, that many people creating designs of their app idea are aspiring entrepreneurs, and they’ll be able to sell their prototype. In the future, we are going to turn Inspr into a marketplace for designers, where they can not only create but also sell their app prototypes.

Is there anything else unique about this new launch?

Yes! Right now Inspr is a paid app, but again, we’re trying to encourage non-professionals to download it and play around with their own app idea. The new launch will have a free version, but with limited function. It will still be integrated with POP, so you can play around with it and see how you like app design before you download the full thing (which is still only $1.99.)

Why Did We Make Inspr?

“Design is everywhere, inevitably everyone is a designer.”
— Tim Brown, IDEO CEO
Easily craft your app ideas on the phone

Steven, the founder Inspr, came up with the idea. In the beginning, it was completely for his personal use. He always would have a crazy app idea swimming around his head, and he wanted to be able to create a mock-up anytime, anyplace!

Steven believes visualization is an important step to know whether the idea is feasible and attractive. Drawing on paper is the most straightforward way to translate your ideas into a picture, but it is not an ideal solution to share the concept with friends or colleagues.

What about the other design tools? A professional designer friend might tell you to purchase “Sketch” or “Adobe Illustrator”. These are excellent tools, but they require steep learning curve which may not be ideal for people who just want to quickly visualize a spontaneous idea as their first step.

So, we create a mobile tool — Inspr, a straightforward design app that is dead simple for everyone to use on their iPhone and iPad.

Media Kit

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Inspr — craft app mockups right from your phone

App Description

***** #2 Featured by ProductHunt on Nov 19 *****

Inspr is a mobile app for anyone to design an app interface directly on your mobile phone. For you to start an app design effortlessly, Inspr offers a set of templates and rich native components that will help you form your ideas quickly.

Key features:
* 9 default templates ready for you to create design instantly (and more are coming soon)
* easy drop and drag design allows you to edit the design on the phone
* several native components to create vivid design
* customization with hundreds of settings
* select multiple elements to move, duplicate, align horizontally and vertically and auto-spacing. 
* undo / redo with natural gesture
* also work with iPad

Images and Icons:
* 200+ hand-crafted icons
* dozens of hand-picked stock images
* and you can use the pictures on your phone album, too

* popular color palettes
* create your color palette
* set color with hex value 
* support gradient colors, and with Inspr’s easy gradient color editor, you can also define your gradient color

* free to define text styles, and size
* and choose the typeface you love for the text

Manage Your Designs:
* autosaves the mockup as you design
* export designs to the photo album and any other app
* duplicate any design
* rename your design

Interactive Prototype:
Inspr integrates with POP, a free and powerful interactive prototyping app ( Once you create your designs with Inspr, in just a few steps, you can import them to POP and generate an interactive prototype. Then you can share the prototype with your friend and test how they feel about your​ idea. The process does not require you to use a computer from your app designs to prototype!

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