How to Prevent Getting Banned on Instagram

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4 min readMar 6, 2017

Last year, Instagram has changed a lot, so did its restrictions. Instagram’s limits for following, unfollowing and liking have remained unrevealed since its creation and to this day. Aspiring brands were forced to test the limits themselves at risk of being temporarily or even permanently banned, if they wanted to get recognition on the social network. We want to analyze and share the exact reasons why you can be banned on Instagram, so you can prevent it for your account.

  1. First of all, do not post content that violates the copyright. Remember that anyone can notice and report it. Keep an eye on what you post: the content must be unique, or at least use photo banks service and make sure the owner of particular picture is aware his work is being shared by you.

This is also applicable to music and video content, so you should carefully check whether you can include that video or that particular tune in your post.

2. Secondly, an unusually high activity, especially in case it comes from a freshly registered account deemed extremely suspicious by Instagram. Mass following, unfollowing and liking lead to an imminent ban. It’s better to make your account look as ‘human’ as possible.

Avoid liking every post on your feed at once, don’t be too fast to subscribe to lots of new accounts, and hold yourself back from posting a bunch of posts at a short time period. Figure out how many likes, follows and posts you do on average and slowly increase this number.

Comments with the same text or emoji, as well as repeated sets of hashtags used for multiple different posts may lead to suspension from the platform too. If this happens, change the hashtags under your pictures and your account will soon become fully functional again.

3. If you often change the IP-address or accessing your account from multiple devices, you also risk to be blocked.

4. Photos of documents (passport, insurance, driver’s licence, information about credit cards and bank accounts) also trigger the system, and so do accounts created by using scripts and bots.

Notably, all violations of Instagram policy accumulate. So if there was a temporary ban for your account or certain actions were already blocked for your account in the past, we strongly recommend to make everything possible in order to not break the rules in the future. Otherwise your account will be in the harm’s way of being banned forever.

Fortunately, this preventive measure is not end-all like it used to be. Contacting Instagram technical support on this behalf became much easier now. Below is a sequence of actions that you must perform when your Instagram account was blocked:

  • Visit this link:
  • Select “My account has been hacked” and then “Report this”.
  • Fill the form.
  • Mark the box “My account has been hacked, I have other problems.”
  • Attach a scan of any document on the registration of the legal entity to confirm the connection with the company and the account.
  • Submit the form after filling.
  • It is necessary to check the mail, because you will receive an automatic letter-request for a detailed description of the problem.
  • Answer to the letter in detail and wait for a response. If your account is reinstated, you will be sent the official notification about it.
  • The answer should come in a few days. If it’s not, you can try sending the request again. It is possible that your letter will come to a more competent member of Instagram support team, and your issue will be resolved.

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