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3 min readNov 16, 2016

Hey friends,

We examined a large number of automatic Instagram marketing apps. According to statistics they leave awkward out of place comments, provide low level of engagement activity with the audience and even lead to accounts being blocked!We are ready to say a resounding “No” to Instagram promo-bots! We created our own organic tool that helps building genuinely interested audience around the brand. Meet a free beta version of InstaHeads (now named Combin)! Thanks for clicking through to learn about our tool, and we’d love to hear what you think. (Please send emails to


The team InstaHeads /

P.S. You can find all of the images below on Dropbox here 👉

So what’s InstaHeads?

InstaHeads aims to be the ultimate community grower tool for Instagram brands with its user-friendly interface and variety of handy features.

Powerful content search functionality allows seeking posts by hashtag and location, as well as tracking commenters and followers of competitors’ accounts and engaging with them.

Powerful Search with InstaHeads

Preview and sort the found posts to find the hottest content and the most popular Instagram profiles.

Sorting of Popular Accounts

Commenting feature helps maintaining strong communication channel with current followers and potential customers.

Commenting on InstaHeads

Task scheduling system and multiple account management save the time from manual work and prevent account from being banned.

Tasks Scheduling System

Smart Unfollowing System — Ability to unsubscribe from accounts that followed or unfollowed you.

Beta version include ability to login only with 2 Instagram accounts simultaneously and search results number limited to 50.

Check out InstaHeads and test its features yourself:

Launch Details

Release date — November 16, 2016 @ 9am EST

Supported OS: Windows, Mac OSx, Linux.

Price — FREE

Beta Restrictions — 2 Instagram Accounts and 50 search results maximum.

Website —

Who’s Made InstaHeads?

We’re a small team of people passionate about multimedia and social network mechanisms, Instagram application in particular. It’s one of the most popular application worldwide to date and it has a great potential in various fields, marketing is without a doubt one of them.

To our surprise we have struggled to find an application that would help Instagram brands finding genuinely interested people and maintaining connection with them, while being safe and user-friendly.

We decided to make a change and give a helping hand to aspiring brands and individuals who want to build up real community around their Instagram accounts.

Thank you for your attention!

InstaHeads Team.



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