January Roundup: Live Q&A w/ Combin Developer, New Features

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2 min readJan 22, 2019

Q&A Live Session

We started to stream live webinars in December 2018, showing and telling how to grow Instagram following safely and effectively using Combin. Short Q&A sessions were held after each webinar and were in such high demand, we decided to stream a separate session dedicated solely to answering user questions.

Ted, one of our developers, takes your questions next Tuesday, on January 29, 6 PM (GMT). Ask in advance via Twitter, using hashtag #AskCombin or send your questions directly to chat when we go live.

Register to participate: https://bit.ly/2T7wPeX

New Roadmap

Previously only a couple of major application updates was mentioned on our site’s roadmap and users couldn’t check these and other features and improvements status progress. But not anymore!

Big or small, near or distant — all Combin development plans are now available on Trello: https://bit.ly/2W89lYY

Upcoming Features Preview

What’s better than knowing when the feature of your dreams gets to be implemented? Knowing exactly how it’s going to look and work, of course!

Ever since I was given a beta version of the upcoming major Combin update (1.9 version), I knew I had to share every available bit of information about it with our avid users. Gender filter, language filter, video posts filter, in-app proxy setup, re-design, and many other exciting updates are previewed on our Reddit handle: https://bit.ly/2U8FttI

By the way, since our Facebook and Instagram handles have been taken down the previous year, all software and company updates are posted on Twitter and Reddit. Follow us there:

Twitter: twitter.com/getcombin

Reddit: reddit.com/r/combin



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