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2 min readApr 15, 2020

Looking for a Planoly alternative? You are not alone. Many users are disappointed with Planoly. Fortunately, Combin Scheduler is the best Planoly alternative.

There is no reason to waste your money on Planoly. Professional Instagram marketers and content creators use Combin Scheduler to plan, curate and auto-publish their Instagram posts and Stories.

Combin Scheduler is one of the best free Instagram content planners in 2020 loaded with multiple features to streamline your content creation process.

Why is Combin Scheduler better than Planoly

Here are 10 reasons why Combin Scheduler is a better choice than Planoly.

  1. You can plan and auto-publish Instagram posts and Stories.

2. You can share the content with your Instagram followers instantly.

3. You can schedule the first comment under each new post.

4. Edit images right within the app, fitting them to the aspect ratio Instagram supports.

5. Tag locations, other Instagram, and add hashtags.

6. Manage your hashtags, store them in packs and use upon necessity.

7. Upload Stories in bulk.

8. Style your Instagram grid with a convenient in-app calendar.

9. Control your content plan with a weekly drag-and-drop calendar.

10. Repost user-generated content on Instagram.

11. Add a link in bio when planning your posts and Stories even if you have under 10k followers.

12. It’s completely FREE.

More cool features are on the way!

You will love Combin Scheduler because…

It’s the best free Instagram content planner; it has a super easy interface, all necessary features implemented and is compatible with any of your desktop OS: Windows, macOS or Ubuntu.

Download Combin Scheduler now to level up Instagram marketing and plan a month of posts in just 10 minutes.



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